Dark Belgian Chocolate Bar 85g No Added Sugar Gluten Free

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Brand: The Lite Chocolate Company
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No Added Sugar Dark Chocolate Bar 85g By The Lite Chocolate Company.

Dark Chocolate sweetened with stevia extract from natural origin.


Ingredients: cocoa mass(35.7%), fibre(inulin)(29.7%), cocoa butter(16.0%), sweetner(maltitol)(9.9%), fat reduced cocoa powder(8.0%), emulsifier(soy lecithin)(<1%), sweetner(steviol glycosides)(<1%), natural flavours(<1%), cocoa(52%)min, dark chocolate.

ALLERGY INFORMATION: MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF MILK AND NUTS. CONTAINS NATURALLY OCCURRING SUGARS.Important: Why are some products described as "Sugar Free" and some as "No Added Sugar"? According to European law, products can only be labelled "Sugar-free" if the product does not contain more than 0.5 grams of sugar per 100 grams or ml. Products labelled "No-added sugar" can only be so if the product does not contain any monosaccharides or disaccharides. If sugars are naturally present in the product, it must be labelled as "Containing naturally occurring sugars.? Products marketed as "sugar free" include sweets like boiled sweets, liquorice, and other candies, while "no added sugar" products include chocolates and biscuits. WARNING: Excessive Consumption May Cause A Laxative Effect.

It is important to remember that these chocolate bars are often advertised elsewhere on the internet as been Sugar Free Chocolate Bars.  They should only be advertised as No Added Sugar Chocolate Bars as they do contain naturally occurring sugars.
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