Amarelli Blu Rombetti Sugar Free Pure Liquorice With Anise 100g Box

Product Code: al30
Brand: Amarelli
Product Condition: New

Amarelli Blu Rombetti Aniseed Sugar Free Pure Liquorice Flavoured With Anise 100g Box
Diabetes and Confectionery: Most Sugar Free and No Added Sugar products on this site are suitable for diabetics or as part of a controlled diet. However, as there are several different types of diabetes, we cannot say that this applies to all diabetics. All consumers need to consult their doctor or dietician if in any doubt at all. All consumers should conduct tests to determine the suitability for their specific needs. Most of our Sugar Free and No Added Sugar products are sweetened with Maltitol, Xylitol, Isomalt or Stevia which contain less calories than sugar. All products this site are made with high quality ingredients and therefore they taste just as good as alternatives containing sugar, or even better.

Warning: Sugar Free products may have a laxative effect

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